A Gamer At Heart

Gaming is in our DNA. It’s a hobby and passion we know and cherish dearly. Our mission is to build the best PCs for gamers, so they can enjoy the same passion for gaming that we grew up with.


Taken circa 2001. Can you guess the game on the screen?

What were your favorite games growing up?

Picking a favorite, that’s a tough one. I grew up playing everything from Nintendo, SEGA and Atari consoles to Playstation, and more. If I had to pick one game, it would have to be Age of Empires. I’m an RTS junkie, and who doesn’t love a good castle building sim.

What was the inspiration behind the name?

I was always into medieval & fantasy stuff growing up, so the inspiration came mainly from recurring themes in video games and books. The idea of putting builds together and customizing them was akin to forging. Creating something special out of the bare materials. After some brainstorming, the name Skyforge came to mind.

What do you like to do on your free time?

I probably have too many hobbies I’d like to explore, so I try to stay focused on the ones I can realistically get to. I am an avid car enthusiast so a lot of my time is spent on the road and at automotive events. I also like to try and cook new foods, travel & go on roadtrips, and attend live concerts.

What is one thing that drives or motivates you?

I am a people person, and I think that is very much at the heart of what drives me, and Skyforge PC as a whole. Seeing how happy our customers are when they receive their build is extremely rewarding, and it pushes up to keep building the best computers and providing the best service.

What games are you playing right now?

I typically stick to a few games at a time. I love competitive multiplayer. Right now I’m mostly between League of Legends and the Company of Heroes series. I’m always keeping my eye out for new ones, but I’m a bit more picky nowadays.

What's something most people don't know about you?

I own 2 Bengal cats, one brown and one snow. I loved cats growing up but never had any pets as a child. They are so energetic and loving. I think seeing Linus’ videos on the Linus Tech Tips channel early in the day definitely had an influence on me. Thanks Linus!